How You Can Help


We strongly believe that with more awareness about the difficulties faced by vulnerable children in these situations the more the help will flow through them. We can then address their real needs and provide a better future for these children.


If you could keep these children and the sisters in your prayers that would be wonderful. Prayer is our greatest weapon. With prayer  we can achieve anything.


Our short term objective is to build up our regular donations to $2000 per month. This will enable the sisters to provide the group of 40 children – 2 meals a day, 5 days a week, pre-school educational development and most importantly love and care. Any amount that you are able to contribute would be much appreciated.

We also have a capital fund which we intend to build up with the intention of ensuring long term sustainable flow of funds to Lesang Bana, our pre-school in Metsimothlabe. We would like the entire pre-school to be focused on the poor and vulnerable. At present the balance of the school role is made up of fee paying students. We would like the entire school to be populated by our orphans and the very poor. Father Tony and Sister Paulina also have this objective. Please help to ensure that we can achieve this. There are 80 to 100 places in the school to we have some ways to go. Any one off payment would be invested in this fund. For progress on this check our news feed on our homepage.

If you would like to make a contribution please click on the donation button on the bottom right of this page.